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Ferrero Rocher &

Lindt Pyramids

Our Ferrero/Lindt pyramids are our very latest product, and are also completely exclusive as they are currently the only ones available in the county!

With their classic matte gold finish, exquisite item will certainly add a touch of romance and class to any wedding or event.

They can be placed in a variety of settings; we would suggest:

next to our Wishing Well on your gift table,

alongside our sweet shot tower as an alternative candy buffet,

to be used as your 'favour station' instead of the more traditional option being at your guests' table position


Having made a few suggestions, our 16-tier pyramid is an absolute show-stopper wherever it is placed and will truly create the 'Wow Factor' that your guests will remember forever!  


All sizes, the smallest 6-tier mini pyramid, our latest medium-sized 10-tier pyramid, and our incredible 16-tier largest pyramid can be used with variety of confectionary options:

Ferrero Rocher 

Original only,


a combination of Raffaello (coconut, white),

Ferrero Rocher (original, gold) & Ferrero Rondnoir (dark chocolate, brown)


Original only (red),


a combination of milk (red), white (gold) and extra dark (black)

With two available, our mini Lindt / Ferrero Pyramids can be used individually, or as a pair and also look fantastic alongside our candy buffet.

Holding over 60 of the beautiful sweet treats, they would be a delicious addition to your big day!

Price: £45 each or 2 for £80.

6 Tier Mini Pyramid

16 Tier Pyramid

Our 16 tier Ferrero Rocher/Lindt Pyramid holds a whopping 480 chocolates! This is perfect for larger events or weddings; a stunning statement piece which is both elegant and delicious!


Price: £325

10 Tier Pyramid

Introducing our latest addition to the range, our medium-sized Ferrero/Lindt pyramid, which containing just over 120 chocolates, is perfect for a wedding or event with around 100 guests.

Introductory price just £99!

10-tier Ferrero & Lindt Pyramid
Mini Ferrero & Lindt Pyramid
16-tier Ferrero & Lindt Pyramid
Ferrero Rocher Tree

Ferrero Rocher Tree

Our beautiful Ferrero Rocher tree can be hired for £60 alongside any of our other products. The price includes hire of the stand and accompanying bow and floral garland, and 70 Ferrero Rocher chocolates which would look gorgeous next to our wishing well for your wedding cards. 

Also available in a variety of Ferrero Rocher combinations.

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